Regular inspections are conducted by the Ugandan Ministry of Education to ensure schools follow mandatory safety standards and regulations. Our school was recently inspected, and everything passed except our kitchen building. Being made of clay and wood, termites have destroyed and compromised supporting walls making the building a safety risk. The roof is riddled with holes causing it to leak terribly when it rains. Staff and student meals are prepared from the kitchen while cooking is currently done on an open fire directly outside. To rebuild we need to raise $4000 US. This includes a new building made of cinderblock, a new roof, and an outdoor water tank with connected piping. Cinderblock will last for many years and eliminate the threat of termites. We’ll also build and install new shelving, countertops, sinks, and an indoor woodburning cookstove. The new kitchen will enable better hygiene practices and the indoor stove will minimize the consumption of fire wood thus reducing our monthly operational budget.