Dear Friends,

It’s with great excitement and joy to report something I absolutely LOVE sharing. It’s because of your generosity and the Lord’s provision that we can say DONE and DONE to the water project! We have several priority projects waiting to be funded, but we could not wait to speak the news of what God has blessed us with so far! The challenge when we started the project was us daring to believe, yet now so gratifying to taste and see that the Lord is good, especially seeing a dream realized and the dare of following where God was leading. Now clean, fresh water flows from our 100 meter deep well and fills a 10,000 liter holding tank for our staff and children to use!
We dared to believe and so did you. Look what God did because of our partnership! PPMU has access to clean water and also took one more step towards self-sustainability. That’s why we continue to “dare” ourselves, and friends like you, to stand with us by helping them reach their full potential.
We still need monthly donors to help with our operational expenses. Would you prayerfully consider helping us meet our ministry goals? Thank you for helping us dare to go farther than we ever thought we could and thank you in advance for your support, partnership and sacrifice!